Work Culture Analysis

Understanding Who Is A Good Fit & Why.

It takes more than education; related experience; and a professional demeanor to create a winning team. If you are one of our clients (past, present or future) then you already posses a winning team. We analyze why that team is working as well as they are. There is a culture, a climate, a rhythm that already exists and we want to make sure the people you bring in will enhance and not hinder.


Finding The Right Employee Truly Can Be Like Looking For A Needle In A Haystack.

We know all to well the strife and struggle that comes with posting jobs online, responding to resumes, making community outreach, and all the other joyous pains that go with finding good people. Our clients don't worry about that at all. Every position you give us to fill is our top priority and we leave no stone turned to find you the person you need to keep the successes coming.


Are They Really The Right Person? Or Did They Look Good On Paper.

If you want to interview them, you can, but our clients really don't have to. We use the information from our previous steps, and screen all applicants before you ever meet them. We examine their education; work history; give behavioral questions; and many other unique ways of examining a potential new hire.

On-Going Support

The Journey Doesn't End Once The Candidate Starts.

We firmly believe that success is an on-going process. Once your company brings on one of our recruits or temporary employees, we work with your site staff to create a successful experience. We brief our staff on your policies and expectations and create unique support systems, tailored to each work-site.